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June 7, 2013
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2-month herbal hair growth oil

Oh My, Miracle! Herbal Stimulating Hair Growth Oil (2-month supply, 1 oz)

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**2-month supply** 1 oz

Oh My, Miracle! Herbal Stimulating Hair Growth Oil is free of harsh chemicals that are currently the leading cause of many chronic hair conditions. Our amazing herbal formula consists of a unique blend of 50 plus organic herb and seed oils that all promote blood circulation, follicle stimulation, and overall hair growth. When used consistently 99% of our customers have seen results in just 3 days. It starts by nourishing hair follicles with essential nutrients to reverse any damage and begin the healing process. Continued use will prevent further hair loss and add luster to the dullest hair. Safe for daily use, all hair types, safe for use on men, women, and children.

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About the product

Anti-Hair Loss, For All Hair Types, Men, Women, and Children
100% Herbal hair growth oil
  • 2 – month supply 1 oz bottle
  • * ORGANIC SOLUTION. Clinically tested & proven to promote hair growth and follicle-stimulation. This oil has a strong herbal smell. If you can’t handle the smell of REAL herbs this may be the wrong choice for you.
  • * 50 PLUS HERBS AND SEED OILS. No SLS (Sulfates). No Parabens. No Harmful Chemicals. Gluten Free. Non animal-tested
  • * DHT Blockers. We cut NO corners when it comes to combining the BEST herbs proven for healthy hair growth and restoration.
  • * LIGHTWEIGHT oil and does not weigh heavy on the scalp. The BEST ON THE MARKET!
  • * 100% SAFE, clinically tested, and effective in maintaining healthy hair growth. CHEMICAL FREE

The best on the market for people with the below conditions:

Alopecia areata – Thinning – Male Pattern Baldness – Cancer – Trichotillomania – Harsh chemical treatments


Shake well before every use. For best results: Massage your scalp with a few drops of Oh My, Miracle! Herbal Stimulating Hair Growth Oil. Consistency is key. If you don’t use it won’t work.


Apple Cider Vinegar,Ajwainseeds,Almond Oil,Aloe Vera,Amla Oil,Argan Oil,Ashwandnagori Extracts,Black Stone Papers Oil,Burdock, oots,Burdock Roots Extracts,Castor Oil,Chaarmaghaz,Chamomile Oil,Coconut Oil,Coriander Oil, Costus Extracts,Cucumber Oil,Egg Oil,Fenugreek Oil,Flax Seed Oil, Fo-Ti Or He Shou-Wu,Four Seeds Oil,Garlic Extracts,Ginger Extracts, Ginko Biloba,Glow Oil,Grape Seed Oil,Green Tea Extracts,Horsetail Extracts, Kalunji/Black Seed Oil,Lavender Oil,Lemon Seed Oil,Mehndi Extracts,Mehthi Oil,Mustard Oil,Neem Oil,Olive Oil,Onion Extracts,Pumpkin Extracts Oil,Pure Honey,Ritha Oil,Rose Extracts,Rosemary Oil,Sage Oil,Saw Palmetto Oil, Sesame Oil,Shikakai Oil,Stinging Nettle,Tea Tree Oil,Walnut Oil,Wheat Germ Oil

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